Friday, September 4, 2009

A Wild Ride

I have been with Mouse in a Jar since last November. It has been an exciting wild ride to watch it change and grow into this wonderful piece. During rehearsals, I work with Daria while she works with the actors to understand more about the different themes running throughout the story. I find it fascinating how many people have a connection with the script. The other night I was discussing with Daria how we all are touched by different aspects of Mouse in a Jar; be it things from our own past, stories we know, the past of another, every single one of us has a different connection. I myself have a Polish background and was inspired to learn more about my history. As we all explore our connections we each help the story grow and take on more life. My favorite part about stage managing this show is how I get the opportunity to watch the set being built, the puppets crafted and the characters refined. What I can say is that this show will truly encompass your senses. As Mouse in a Jar’s stage manager, I am very excited to have the chance to work in this world. Martyna has written a play where not only are the characters a major presence but the surroundings as well can surprise you.

Cynthia Carney
Company Member and
Stage Manager of Mouse in a Jar.

Mouse in a Jar runs October 5-31, 2009.
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