Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dramaturge's Corner: Who is Echo?

According to Greek mythology Zeus, the King of the Olympians, was known for his many love affairs. Sometimes the young and beautiful nymph Echo would distract and amuse his wife Hera with long and entertaining stories, while Zeus took advantage of the moment to ravish the other mountain nymphs. When Hera discovered the trickery she punished the talkative Echo by taking away her voice, except in foolish repetition of another's shouted words. Thus, all Echo could do was repeat the voice of another.

Ovid's version of the tale states that a girl who had also fallen in love with Narcissus made a prayer to the gods, asking that Narcissus suffer from an unrequited lust just as he had done to others. The prayer was answered by the goddess Nemesis - (she who ruins the proud), makes him fall in love with his own reflection so he stares at himself in the river (as he thinks it is a beautiful person underwater) until he turns pale and eventually dies.

Alternatively, Echo was a nymph who was a great singer and dancer and scorned the love of any man. This angered Pan, a lecherous god, and he instructed his followers to kill her. Echo was torn to pieces and spread all over the Earth. The goddess of the earth, Gaia, received the pieces of Echo, whose voice remains repeating the last words of others. In some versions, Echo and Pan had two children: Iambe and Iynx

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The Story of Echo: Meet Krista Juderjahn

Where are you from?

I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

What do you do when you're not performing?

When I am not performing I like to see movies, go out to dinner and go shopping. I also love to cook.

What is your favorite moment in the play?

My favorite moment in Nightingale is after the festival when Procne stands up to Tereus and calls him out on his actions. It is so empowering.

What's your favorite moment so far in rehearsal?

The standout rehearsal moment for me thus far would have to be the rehearsal where most of the cast was involved in some movement exercises to use in scene 18. It was a blast being able to dance with other members of the cast. I find that it is a great way to get to know people. You can learn a lot about someone just from dancing with them.

Tell us a fun fact about your character Echo.

A fun fact about my character is that she lacks the ability to create words of her own. She can only really repeat other words that she has heard. However, she does have a trouble maker side about her.

The Love of the Nightingale runs May 3-29.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Announcing the Cast and Crew of Nightingale!

The Love of the Nightingale
Opens May 3rd

Directed by James Palmer, Artistic Director

Featuring ensemble members Nick Combs, Lona Livingston, Vic May, Robert Oakes and Myah Shein

With Shane Brady, Cassandra Clingon, Amanda Compton, Carrie Drapac, Danielle Fischer, Whitney Green, Krista Juderjahn, Sarah Latin-Kasper, Whitney Kraus, Don Markus, Amanda Newman, Amanda Reader, Meghan Reardon, Kate Romond, John Rushing and Edwin Unger

Production Team:

Ensemble members, Kyle Land (Assistant Director), Becky Mock (Production Manager), Paige Sawin (Casting Director), Myah Shein (Choreographer)

With William Anderson (set design), Alex Braatz (Technical Director), Emily Guthrie (Properties), Ricky Lurie (Costume Design), Marti, Lyons (Dramaturge), Miles Polaski (Sound Design), Claire Yearman (Fight Choreographer)

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