Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meet Zosia: Actress Irene Kapustina

Where I'm from:
Minsk, Belarus

Education or training:
Loyola University’s Theatre School, Act One Studios, Laura Kessler Agency

What I do when I'm not doing theatre:
Study, study, study and study

One fun fact I would like to share:
When I do not get enough of sleep, or when I am hungry, or cold, my Russian accent gets out of control.

Irene on Mouse in a Jar

When reading Mouse for the first time, what are some of the first images or words that resonated with you?
The basement. It reminded me of a doorway in an apartment building I once lived. I still remember the smell.

Mouse is a new work, has that changed how you approach the script?
The fact that Mouse in a Jar is a new script did not change the approach. The essence of the script, however, shaped that approach a lot.

What feels like the greatest challenge for you in this play?
Stay true to Martyna’s language. It is poetry in verse, with its own rhythm.

How would you characterize the world of the play?
The world of dreams, soaked with sweat and disappointment, coated with fear and love, drowned in misunderstanding, cruelty and indifference, washed in a ray of hope.

Have you learned anything new so far in this process? (about you, about your character about the world)
Mouse made me look at a lot of things in my past: choices I made, people I met, my immigration to the States and how much it changed me. I think that the circumstances of our lives are able to drastically change our own personalities uncontrollably, and pass unnoticed, until it is too late.

Mouse in a Jar runs October 5-31, 2009.

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