Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Nightmare Man

One of the things that initially drew me to Mouse in a Jar was my overwhelming visceral reaction to Martyna's text. The character of HIM for example is one of the scariest things I’ve imagined since I was a child terrified to leave my bed in the middle of the night. Once or twice I've found myself walking through the blocking for some of Ma and HIM's scenes, tracking how we will try to execute his catastrophic entrances and exits, I am often overwhelmed by the image of this nightmare man.

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of watching our puppet designer Sarah Bendix lead a workshop with Kathleen Powers and Don Markus, our two actors playing Ma and HIM respectively. We had our first real chance to play with the imagery Martyna has so artfully woven through the text. And as the day progressed we all began to tap into the raw-er aspects of MOUSE that Martyna's words and images conjure. As we pressed on into Monday my assistant director Caitlin Parrish presented the first in a series of dramaturgical conversations investigating the idea of storytelling through the lens of original fairy tales. By the end of the rehearsal, suitably mired in the plays psychological roller coaster we transitioned in to some blocking. I don't think I was the only one maybe, possibly, a little scared of the dark.

Daria Davis
Company Member and
Director of Mouse in a Jar

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