Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet Edwin Unger

Where are you from?
Port Saint Lucie, Florida. It's a bit north of Palm Beach, to give you a frame of reference.

What do you do when you're not performing?

Audition! Even when I AM performing, I go to every audition that I can squeeze in. During casting for Nightingale, I auditioned 17 times in a two week period.

What is your favorite moment in The Love of the Nightingale?

It has to be the second moment with Philomele and the Captain. They share a tender moment, and everything seems resolved, positive, as if the story could have a happy ending. Then Tereus appears (I won't tell you what happens next). Making the reader/audience believe in a happy ending only to snatch it from them at the last moment seems to define several parts of this play, and no moment more than this one.

Any standout rehearsal moments?

At the time of this writing, I've only been to a couple rehearsals that weren't table work. However, it's the table work that I've really loved. It's such a great feeling to be surrounded by scholars who want to squeeze every drop of meaning from this play. Though Nightingale isn't very long, every aspect of it runs so deeply that it's good to know there are 30+ cast and crew members experiencing it with me.

What's a fun fact about your character?

The Love of the Nightingale runs May 3-29.
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