Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red Tape Valentine: Meghan Reardon and Spencer

Megan joined the ensemble after appearing in Red Tape’s The Love of the Nightingale in 2010. She is now our Director of Loyalty and Retention. Meghan performed in Obscura: A Voyeuristic Love Story and can be seen on stage now in Church/Pullman, WA. Spencer first appeared at Red Tape in cognito to surprise Meghan during Nightingale. We’re so glad he did not whisk her back to NYC with him!

“This is me with my best friend of ten-plus-years-and-counting, Spencer. He is my partner-in-crime and an honorary member of my family (he was even in our Christmas card one year). Our fake facebook marriage has lasted longer than many real marriages.

When I was in my first Red Tape show, he surprised me by flying in from New York to see the closing night performance. He even went as far as to wear sunglasses and a hat during the show so I wouldn't recognize him and get thrown off (for the record it didn't work--I'd know him anywhere).

Being so far away from him never gets any easier and all my theatre stuff cuts into precious phone time all too often. So this V-Day shout-out is for my dear, funny, finicky, favorite fella, my Spence!” –Meghan

Meghan and Spencer- going on 11 years

Hang out with Red Tape on Industry Night
Monday, February 14 at 8:00
After party at Wilde
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