Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red Tape Valentine: Mackenzie Brown May and Vic May

Vic first worked with Red Tape in 2008 as the lighting designer for Pugilist Specialist. We were relieved to learn he was married to Mackenzie, behind the scenes guru to the stars. Mackenzie originated the role of Red Tape's Production Manager with Dog in a Manger and has worn a variety of hats since. We have to admit, Vic is pretty cool too, and we were proud to bring him into the ensemble in 2009 after his performance in An Enemy of the People. Vic and Mackenzie are a true Red Tape power couple and can be counted on for everything from set construction, cleaning, front of house, even costume design!

Mackenzie most recently designed costumes for our current production of Church/Pullman, WA (with delivery services from Vic), and Vic will be performing in our upcoming production of Tragedy: a tragedy.

If not for theatre, I never would have met my husband. Thanks to the summer stock gods and love to my Victor. -Mackenzie

Vic and Mackenzie- Together 6 years, 8 months, married 3 years 4 months

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