Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Director's Note

Enemy of the People is a twisting journey that will provide the audience with a provocative story and many deep questions. Questions that will hopefully lead to circumstances we are all facing on a daily basis. From little things like how much paper do I burn through in my office each day when I know full well that we are decimating the rain forests to obtain it? Should I go on strike? If a shirt at Gap is made in Indonesia by the hands of small children, should I boycott? How much of my life and my creature comforts am I willing to give up for my beliefs? Should I stand complicit while our country profits off the wars in Africa? Should I hold accountable the politicians who failed to see levy’s breaking in New Orleans? Why did I only participate in two anti-war protests during the eight years of the Bush administration?

And at what point do I stop being a concerned citizen and become a dangerous fanatic? It’s fascinating that our protagonist and antagonist are brother and sister. That sibling rivalry which dates back to Cain and Abel has long been a dramatic motif. But in Enemy it illustrates how ideology can tear families apart. Can tear towns apart. Can tear countries apart. I think of the inflexibility of the those in favor and opposition to Proposition 8.

This is a play that I believe will captivate, resonate emotionally, enhance spiritual value, and ask a lot of really relevant questions. I am so excited to be going on this journey with you guys. It is a complex play but at the heart of it is this idea of beliefs. Of the irrationality of truth. Of the individual versus the mob. These are questions that lie at the very heart of what we as artists do. This is an important play to be doing right now and I am so proud that we are doing it.

Enemy of the People runs May 4-30.

Tickets are available through our website.

James Palmer

Artistic Director

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