Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Dog in a Manger" Extends through November 1!

Dog in a Manger is a hit! Thank you all for your feedback and support. The show has been extended through November 1.


"Red Tape Theatre is a young group of talented people... in its quest to create fun, thought provoking, avant-garde theatre. "

" There were some talented people in this cast...A booming Bryan Kelly, the lovely Marika Engelhardt and the very funny Michael Gonring."

"...This little scene [between Gonring and Panger] is worth the price of admission."

-Alan Bresloff,

"Finally, cutting edge theater that requires its audience to have taken Sosc. From Foucault to Freud, from Nietzsche to Marx, you'll find it all in James Palmer's adaptation..."

"Paul Miller plays a Fabio that is so convincingly scummy, I wonder what he is like in real life. Michael Gonring plays a sardonic Tristan very well. Bryan Kelly gives a hilarious turn as Ricardo the inquisitor."

- Pete Russell, Chicago Maroon


"I never cease to be amazed by the depth of the Red Tape Theatre productions...presenting substantive, challenging and absorbing plays. It warms my heart to see such pertinent and timely issues being raised..."

"What an AMAZING production. [We] were non-stop back and forth all the way to Evanston last night talking about the characters, the themes, and what it all meant. Incredible, really. "

"I had a great time!"

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