Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cat in a Manger

I awoke this morning with two bruised knees. (Insert your own jokes here). In Dog in a Manger I put on a pair of cute cat ears and engage in a raucous courtship dance with my beloved. Yesterday I let things get a little too raucous and tripped over part of the set. Stealthily I pursued my partner offstage on my hands and knees as if to say “Ah, I meant to do that, as my cat-like posture increases my adorability.” I’m sure no one in the audience noticed the blooper… Meow.

Dog in a Manger is gearing up for its final week and the rest of the season is gearing up. I’m helping James and Myah review submissions for January’s Fresh Eyes Festival and researching Rob’s dramaturgical questions for May’s adaptation of An Enemy of the People. Blog posts will resume in December when the Fresh Eyes lineup is ready to announce. Meanwhile I welcome new readers to look through the past few months to learn some fun facts about our cast and our adaptation.

Final performances of Dog in a Manger are October 30, 31 and November 1 at 7:30 pm.
Visit for details and to purchase tickets online!

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