Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chipotle Partners With Red Tape!

Hey Red Tape fans,

My name is Alex and I’m thrilled to be Red Tape’s first Director of Community Engagement! Serving in this position is a joy because I have the opportunity to tell Lakeview businesses about Red Tape, our brand of theatre, and most importantly; our audience. We’re constantly looking for new ways to engage local businesses in a way that has a positive impact on their business, Red Tape, and our dedicated fans.

Being in Lakeview, we’re extremely lucky to be surrounded by some great businesses and supportive business owners. Their willingness to keep their doors open late or offer discounts just for our audiences cannot go unnoticed. If you joined the cast of Obscura at the pub across the street, Brendan’s, or came to our Industry Night after party at Cloud 9, then you played a major role in thanking our surrounding businesses for all they do for us at Red Tape!

Most importantly, I hope you’ll take part in our latest partnership with our friends down the street at Chipotle. During the run of Church & Pullman, WA, you can use your program to receive two burritos or burrito bowls for the price of one! The offer is good from January 27th to March 5th at the Chipotle on Belmont and Broadway, a favorite spot for all of us at Red Tape!

I trust I’ll see you at Church & Pullman, WA and hopefully see you afterward at one of our many local partners. Enjoy the show!

Alex Kyger
Director of Community Engagement
Red Tape Theatre Company

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