Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kickstarter Campaign Concludes

Red Tape Theatre again thanks the wonderful people who contributed to the Kickstarter Campaign for the world premiere of Obscura!

They hit our $600 goal and then surpassed it raising 680!

Thank you for supporting experimental theatre in Chicago!

Kickstarter Campaign Supporters
Jaclyn Biskup
Nicholas Combs
Kira Elliott and Carrie Drapac
Ben Fuchsen
Whitney Green
Katy E. Hall
Alyssa Jaksa
Philip Joseph
Sandy Karuschak
Whitney Kraus
Levi Lerner
Paul Pasulka
Melinda Prawer-Stock
Meghan Reardon
Erica Sartini
Merle Shein
Skip Shein
Yung-Sang Tang

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