Thursday, February 5, 2009

Henrik Ibsen - A Brief Timeline

As my research for Red Tape's adaptation of An Enemy of the People continues I will post some information on the life of it's author, Henrik Ibsen. I thought I'd start with a timeline and some links to other Chicago companies producing Ibsen this season. If you know of any other Ibsen works being produced in Chicago this season, please bring my attention to them.

  • 1828 Born on March 20 in the town of Skien on the coast of Norway.
  • 1850 Catiline - regarded by many as Ibsen's first play
  • 1866 Brand
  • 1867 Peer Gynt
  • 1877 The Pillars of Society
  • 1879 A Doll's House
  • 1881 Ghosts (Being produced by Shaw Chicago, 4/18-5/11, 2009)
  • 1882 An Enemy of the People (Being produced by Red Tape Theatre, 5/4-30, 2009)
  • 1884 The Wild Duck (Being produced by the Court Theatre, 1/15-2/15, 2009)
  • 1886 Rosmersholm
  • 1888 The Lady from the Sea
  • 1890 Hedda Gabler (Being produced by Vintage Theatre, 2/6-22, 2009 and Raven Theatre, 4/28-6/27, 2009)
  • 1892 The Master Builder (produced by The Building Stage in Fall 2008.)
  • 1894 Little Eyolf
  • 1895 John Gabriel Borkman
  • 1899 When We Dead Awaken
  • 1906 Died on May 23 after a series of strokes.

From Ibsen by Michael Meyer, Penguin Books 1967 :

"At noon on 22 May he opened his eyes, pressed Dr Bull's hand and murmered: 'Thank God!' A little later the nurse said to others in the room that he seemed to be a little better. From the bed came a single word: 'Tvertimod!' ('On the contrary!'). It was the last word Ibsen ever spoke."

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