Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Changing World

One of my favorite themes with Dog in a Manger is how one deals with a changing world. Often the changes in life are beyond our control and we adjust out of necessity. But every now and again, a new, positive path opens up to us and we instinctively resist even that. Why? Because it's new. It breaks our cycle. Like getting a new job and realizing, five years later, that you have stopped remembering what the neighborhoods you drove through to get home look like. Your automated senses are thrown and your comfort realm has to shift. You have to grow.

Selfishly, I must admit that I probably cling to this theme because I am the newest company member of Red Tape. I have been given the opportunity to express my artistic vision and contribute to the company's atheistic and message. Now I have to figure out what that means, exactly. How do I fit into this group that has lasted without me for five years? How do I help define RTC? How can RTC define me?

DIM is a perfect show to come into with these questions. The avant-grade nature of the work along with it being adapted by another company member means that I get to grow alongside of the production itself. All of the discoveries made by the director and designers, the cast and crew, I will make along with them. I will see how our patrons respond to the themes and images presented and become entrenched in their thoughts, concerns, beliefs, and joys.

Throughout the workshop process of the play alone, I have already started to see a way for me aid the theatre. And in turn, being a part of Red Tape has helped me understand why it is I am a dramatic addict and why it is my favorite form of communication.

A. Zell Williams
Artistic Associate

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